CloudHub Application Performance Monitoring

Application downtime spells disaster for everyone. whether it’s the developers or the front-end sales team, a downed application is a source of embarrassment and lost revenues for everyone. This is one of the main reasons why application performance monitoring has become an essential aspect of managing a system today. While there are a whole host of open source and proprietary application performance solutions that integrate right into the server processes so that the people responsible for managing servers have a consistent and easy-to-understand way of monitoring the performance of the applications installed on the server. CloudHub Application Performance Monitoring We provide deep visibility into the performance of applications and enables DevOps professionals to diagnose issues quickly in order to deliver a consistent level of service. Organizations depend on their applications to support core business processes and need to take proactive steps to ensure that online customers can successfully access information and complete transactions in a timely manner. Using APM, customers have been able to reduce application performance glitches by 90%* with less effort and cost.

Distributed tracing service
APM is a robust implementation of a Distributed Tracing System as a Service. It enables devops teams to track every step of every transaction (no sampling, no aggregation) of new and older applications running on OCI, on-premises, or on other public clouds. The service provides effective monitoring for microservices-based applications as well as legacy, multi-tier applications.
Using open standard like OpenTracing ,OpenTelemetry, or Newrelic, we monitor all the common programing languages. Combined with Logging Analytics enables developers and IT operations staff to perform the following:

Monitoring and alerting
Get automatic alerts on performance, availability, and load analysis based on a rich set of metrics enabled by instance level observation, which traces each individual transaction.
Diagnostics Find the exact execution details of any transaction, in real time or over long periods with comprehensive instance level diagnostics.
Exploration and analysis
Get insights into application behavior using a flexible query language. Filter and cluster trace data using out of the box or custom dimensions for comprehensive analysis.

End-user monitoring
Delivering great end-user experience is a tough job for any application manager. APM reduces this burden by providing monitoring to track the actual experiences of each end-user, all the time, no matter where and how they access the application.

Browser instrumentation
Enables the collection of data from browser to app and measure true end-to-end user experience.

Session diagnostics
Traces each individual user session end-to-end for diagnostics. Helpdesk employees can use this capability to document problems that are otherwise hard to reproduce.
Combined with server-side tracing Connects the actions of each individual end-user to the back-end trace, enabling quick resolution to problems experienced by them. It also enables impact analysis for back-end problems, allowing DevOps staff to prioritize issues affecting large groups of end-users.

Server monitoring
Open metrics/open telemetry compatibility Pull metrics from any component and collect cloud native metrics at scale. Take advantage of existing Prometheus exporters or write custom metrics source to have the exact metrics needed for optimal monitoring.

AppServer metric collection
Collect metrics from Java virtual machines (JVM’s). Out-of-the-box configurations for Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic Server and other popular app servers can be extended to collect any Java Management Extensions (JMX) data.
Going with your service architecture, our experts are adapted to all leading monitoring technologies .

Amazon CloudWatch

This is a monitoring and observability service provides you with data and actionable insights to monitor your applications, respond to system-wide performance changes, and optimize resource utilization. CloudWatch gathers monitoring and operational data in the form of logs, metrics, and events. An unified view of operational health and complete visibility of your AWS resources is available to you. Also to detect anomalous behavior in your environments, set alarms, visualize logs and metrics side by side, take automated actions, troubleshoot issues, and discover insights to keep your applications running smoothly.

Azure Application Monitoring
When you have critical applications and business processes relying on Azure resources, you want to monitor those resources for their availability, performance, and operation.
• Sum Total Requests • Sum Failed Requests • Sum Response Status by HttpStatus • Sum Throughput • Sum CurrentConnections • Avg Healthy Host Count By BackendPool HttpSettings • Avg Unhealthy Host Count By BackendPool HttpSettings Also there is necessity to use Azure Monitor Network Insights, Monitoring data ,Analyzing metrics, Analyzing logs, Kusto queries