Internet of Things (IoT) services help aggregate data from physical objects and smartly use it for process automation and business intelligence. At Cloudhub Digital, we drive value-centered IoT solutions and set up multi-level data pipelines for that: from edge computing to cloud data processing and data science.

Connected transport
Real-time monitoring of cargo in transit to certify its quality and validate the compliance with transportation requirements.

Environmental monitoring
Measuring the required environmental metrics (temperature, humidity, pollution, CO2 level, etc.). Helps check the compliance of asset storage and transportation, monitor operation conditions for industrial equipment and at human workplaces, understand the environmental impact of processes.

Preventive equipment maintenance
Remote monitoring of equipment performance metrics and early detection of potential malfunctioning. Prevents equipment breakage and production interruptions.

Hands-off inventory management
Remote tracking of assets’ geopositioned and movements. Instant indication of low stock.

Video surveillance and real-time alerts
Instant detection of abnormal behavior within the area under surveillance. Used for crime prevention, early fire detection, traffic incident alerts.

Remote operation of machinery / appliances
Automating manual actions based on commands sent from control apps to actuators. Applicable to simple actions like switching on/off, opening/closing, and complicated industrial processes, like robotic order picking.

Optimization of energy consumption
Automated control over the intensity of energy utilization depending on the outside conditions. Applicable to personal (home lights) and public (street lights) surroundings.
IoT solutions help businesses cut costs while increasing overall productivity.

As an expert IoT Solution Providers, we understand the complexities involved in creating a customized integrated environment for businesses to capitalize on better opportunities and improve their customer experience. At CloudHUb we have a dedicated team that strives to provide competent IoT services to businesses by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies.
Because IoT creates an integrated environment for all of your devices, it is simple to monitor what is going on in your workplace. IoT can provide real-time diagnostics and analyse historical data,allowing businesses to provide delightful customer experiences